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Seagull Cassutt 3m Racer (120) 1.65m (65in) (SEA-164)

Product Brand : Seagull
Product Condition:   New
Model Format:  ARTF
Power:  IC
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Key Features
  • Approx flying weight - 12.1-13.9lbs (5.5-6.3Kg)
  • Factory covered with Oracover
  • Flying skill level - Intermediate / Advanced
  • Length - 70.8ins (179.8cm)
  • Radio - 4 Channel with 6 digital servos
  • Suits - 120-180 2-Stroke/4-stroke 20-26cc Petrol
  • Wing area - 1038.5sq.ins (67.0dm)
  • Wingspan - 65.0ins (165cm)
Product Description

Cassutt 111M Racer 

The full size Cassutt 111M racer is a kit aircraft that has been designed and developed over the years to compete in the hugely competitive series of Formula One Class racing.All the Formula One Class aircraft use the same engine to allow for some pretty close and exciting racing and the engine used is a Continental O-200 engine 100hp. This is not a large engine but because of the size of the aircraft they can reach speeds of up to 250MPH!The wingspan of the full size is just 15 foot and the normal G range is 8 with a maximum of 12!! Seagull models like to be different so they made this stunning representation of the full size N5381 registered Cassutt 111M Racer aircraft and this model really does rock! Its Fast, it's Sleek, it's Aerobatic and it's a real Eye Catcher! 

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight 8.67kg 19.12lbs

Completion Level ARTF