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Multiplex RR Funcub with Himax C 3516-0840 (264243)

Product Brand : Multiplex
Product Condition:   New
Model Format:  PNP
Power:  Electric
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Key Features
  • Large flaps, big wheels, oversized prop and Powerful Motor
  • Lots of fun for everyone
  • The all-rounder that really does have many talents!
  • Can Land Almost Anywhere
  • Servos - 6 (4 ailerons, flaps) (2 elevator, rudder)
  • Includes Tow release system (additional servo requiered)
  • Requieres - Receiver and Battery
What's in the Box
  • 1x Himax C 3516-0840 Motor
  • 1x 13x4" Propeller
  • 1x Propeller Driver
  • 4 x Nano-S servos (Ailerons,Landing flaps)
  • 2 x Tiny-S servos (Elevator,Rudder)
  • 1x Cable Set
  • 1x Decal Sheet
  • 1x Multi-Lingual Comprehensive Illustrated Instructions
Product Description

Whether you fly from tall grass or a gravel path: flaps down, throttle up, and away she goes. The model needs very little space - and little more for landing. Add to this the FunCub's talent for spectacular stunts. Large flaps, large wheels, large prop and a power unit with plenty of "oomph" - just the right combination! You can even use the FunCub to tow up your mate's glider (EasyGlider class). With the optional floats the FunCub is transformed into the ideal water plane.

Set contents:

The model is factory-built and almost completely assembled. The servos are installed, the power system fitted, making the FunCub almost ready to fly The following components are installed:

  • - Motor: Himax C 3516-0840
  • - 13" x 4" propeller
  • - Propeller driver
  • - 4 x Nano-S servos (ailerons, landing flaps)
  • - 2 x Tiny-S servos (elevator, rudder)
  • - Cable set
  • - All small items required, including parts for aero-tow mechanism (additional servo required for tow release)
  • Also supplied: 
  • - Decal sheet
  • - Multi-lingual illustrated instructions
<>Remaining work: Install the pre-fabricated undercarriage and tailplane, apply the decals, fit receiver and battery, check everything, and go fly!

  • Any amount of flying fun for experienced pilots, including aerobatics and spectacular stunts
  • Ultra-docile, extreme slow-flying characteristics ? great for beginners
  • Offset landing flaps for excellent short take-off and landing ability. When idling, the large propeller also helps to brake the model in vertical dives
  • Glider towing (EasyGlider class)
  • Very robust thanks to ELAPOR® construction
  • Detachable two-part wing for ease of transport
  • Downthrust and sidethrust can easily be fine-tuned
  • The large wheels can be replaced by optional floats.


Wingspan: 1400 mm
Overall length: 980 mm
All-up weight: approx. 1130 g
Wing area: 38 dm_
Wing loading: min. 30 g/dm_
RC functions: aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle landing flaps and optional aero-tow release

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight 2.60kg 5.73lbs

Completion Level RR
Material Elapor