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Hirobo Lepton EX Kit

Hirobo Lepton EX Kit
Hirobo Lepton EX Kit Hirobo Lepton EX Kit Hirobo Lepton EX Kit
Hirobo Lepton EX Kit
Product Brand : Hirobo
Product Condition:   New
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With the performance of a 50 class IC helicopter, Hirobo's new electric powered Lepton EX is capable of advanced 3D and F3C flight. Supplied in kit form, the Lepton EX features the highest quality components such as an all-metal SZ-M rotor head, swashplate, washout assembly and mixing levers. The metal cased, belt-driven tail rotor gearbox is fully ballraced, as are all the bellcranks used in the push-pull SWM control system.

Offering incredible stiffness and strength with very low weight, the main frames are a magnesium and carbon hybrid that offers superb resistance to vibration and disperses heat well. An aluminium centre hub/auto unit with a machine cut 94T acetal main gear and 24/26T pinions finish off the drive system.

If you're looking for a practical alternative to IC power with no loss of performance and the highest quality throughout... it has to be the Lepton EX.

• 3 servo CCPM, push-pull SWM control system with ballraced bellcranks
• DTDS belt driven tail
• 425mm symmetrical FRP main blades
• Black aluminium boom and boom braces
• Metal cased tail rotor gearbox
• All-metal SZ-M rotor head
• Aluminium swashplate, washout assembly and mxing levers
• Magnesium and carbon hybrid main frames
• Lightweight blow moulded polythene canopy
• 94T machine-cut acetal main gear with aluminium centre hub and auto unit

Further items recommended to complete the Lepton EX:

M-MM282610 - AXI2826/10 Brushless Motor

P-JESPIN44 - Jeti Spin 44 Brushless Speed Controller

O-IM4S1P320020C - Impulse 4 Cell 3200 Li-Po Battery

P-S3150 - Futaba S3150 Servos (3 required)

P-S9650 - Futaba S9650 Tail Servo

P-GY401- Futaba GY401 Gyro
Length 837mm
Weight 1600g
Electric Motor Brushless Electric
Rotor Diameter 955mm