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Futaba 6ch Heli S3001 x4 FM35

Product Brand : Futaba
Product Condition:   New
Channels:  6
Format:  Stick
Telemetry:  No
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Futaba 6ch Heli S3001x4 FM35 (N) M1 R136F

After years of development, Futaba have now produced the most
advanced entry level 6 channel helicopter radio available today
in the new 6EXH set. 

The transmitter styling is based on the
incredibly successful 6EXA radio, but the software and
capabilities of this set are all new! 

The perfect set for anyone
entering the hobby of radio control helicopter flying, features
include a large 100 character LCD screen, six model memory with
4 character model name, PCM and PPM operation, dual rate and
exponential on cyclic controls, 5 point mixing curves etc, etc.

Futaba didn't stop there however, continuing to develop the
software to make setting up your helicopter a quick and easy
operation, with powerful but simple to understand programming.

Being more accurate than a conventional radio, this software,
with its clear liquid crystal display makes the cutting edge 6EXH
radio the perfect sport system.

Features Include
Digital trims
Six model memory
Servo reversing
Dual rates
End point adjustment
Model select/data reset
Pitch/rudder mix
CCPM mix
Gyro mix
Failsafe (PCM only)
PCM/PPM operation
Throttle cut button
5 Point curves for:
>>Throttle curve/idle up
>>(2 curves)
>>Throttle hold
>>Pitch curve (2 curves)
>>Hover pitch (2 curves)