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Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 100

Product Brand : Castle Creations
Product Condition:   New
Amps:  100A
Type:  Brushless
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With the debut of the Phoenix Edge series of ESCs the next evolution in speed controller technology has arrived. The Edge series introduces a user programmable auxiliary wire capable of functions modelers have only dreamed of, until now. The white auxiliary wire can be used for helicopter governor gain input adjustments mid-flight, serve as an audible beacon after an “unexpected landing”, act as an RPM output for 3-axis gyros that support RPM sensors, be used as an ESC arming lock or as a receiver arming lock. Combined with the data logging capability the Edge series of controllers offer, users can enjoy unparalleled versatility. 

The Phoenix Edge series is intended for use in helicopters ranging from 450 to 800 size, and fixed wing aircraft up to 1.20 size and larger. As always, the Edge series of controllers offer industry-leading software functions, data logging, and USB programming capability via Castle LinkUSB adapter.

Same Incredible Price
The Phoenix Edge controllers deliver all of this while retaining the same astonishing prices as their predecessors.

Helis:500 Class, 550 Class, or 600 Class (use external BEC or RX/servo power source; not included)
Fixed wing:.40 - .90
Technical Specs
Input voltage:MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
Max continuous amperage at full throttle:100 amps*
BEC voltage (voltage regulator for powering radio and sevos):User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
BEC output amperage:5 amp peak**
Size and Weight
Width:2.0 (50.8mm)
Length:2.8 (71.9mm)
Height:0.9 (23.2mm)
Weight w/wires:4.5 oz (126.6g)
Weight w/o wires:2.6 oz (72.9g)