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Black Horse SBach 342 33cc ARTF

Product Brand : Black Horse
Product Condition:   New
Model Format:  ARTF
Power:  Electric / IC
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The Sbach 342 is an often overlooked aerobatic plane but the sleek lines and balanced proportions make for a superb aerobatic model. With a 2m (78") wingspan the SBach is designed to suit a 33cc petrol engine but it is equally suited to electric power using 12S Li-Po. The low wing loading and large movements allow for 3D manoeuvres and the SFG add dramatically to the knife edge flying capabilities.

Like all Black Horse models, the detailed CAD design is translated into an airframe using Laser cut balsa and ply parts and it is then hand assembled by skilled workers in the factory. Jigs are used throughout the assembly and even the incidences are carefully checked and precision adjusted before covering. The large top hatch makes construction, maintenance or electric battery changes an easy prospect. Several key parts like the cowl are moulded in GRP and other details in Vacuum-formed ABS plastic.

Both wings halves can be detached for transport making the Sbach easy to move in an average hatchback or estate car.

• Suits either Glow or EP power
• All balsa and plywood construction
• Aluminium main gear
• Covered with Oracover Film

Aerofoil: NACA
Wingspan: 2,000mm (78.74")
Length: 1,890mm (74.41")
Weight: 5.5 – 5.7kg (12.1 – 12.54 lbs)
Servos: 6x HV Servos (Req.)
Radio System: 6 Channels (Req.)
Scale: 27%
Wing Area: 79.3 dm2
Wing Loading: 69.36g/dm2
IC Engine: 33 - 35cc (Req.)
Speed Controller: 80 - 100A Brushless (Req.)
LiPo: 12S1P 4000-5500mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor: 2500-3200W 250KV Brushless Outrunner (Req.)