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Black Horse Minimoa ARTF Glider

Product Brand : Black Horse
Product Condition:   New
Model Format:  ARTF
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The Minimoa is one of the most iconic gliders ever made. Every glider pilot has heard of it and most are captivated by its simple beauty. Born in Germany in the halcyon days of gliding prior to WWII, it was glider familiar to pilots that later moved on to serve in the Luftwaffe. Even today, nothing looks quite like the Minimoa and many survive in flying condition!

Black Horse have faithfully re-created those famous 'bird-like' curves and followed the design closely. The Minimoa is not a simple model, but Black Horse has never been worried about tackling tricky subjects. Their computer aided design and CNC laser cutting techniques combined with skilled designers means that complicated prototypes are just more challenging and fun.
At 3.4m span, the Minimoa is no small model. She can be flown from the slope or aerotowed from the built-in tow release. 

She is totally hand built on jigs by skilled staff from laser cut balsa and plywood parts, then covered in a stunning scale 'Swiss' scheme to aid visibility at altitude. 

Flying characteristics are quite docile, yet the controls are also positive and effective, even on the tow. As a fairly 'floaty' design, getting into small patches for landing is easy, as there are very effective airbrakes just for that purpose. You might need them to break out of strong lift as well!
Transportation is a 'doddle', thanks to the simple dismantling nature of the design.
Wingspan: 3400mm (133.86")
Length: 1340mm (52.76")
Weight: 2kg (4.4lbs)
Servos: 6 (7 with tow release)
Radio System: 4-6 Channel